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25 years of history with Korean ginseng

History and Awards

Aug. 1995
Established Korean Ginseng Research Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1996
Constructed Gangha factory in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province
Mar. 1997
Obtained permission for food manufacturing and operated factory
Apr. 1998
Cooperation between academy & industry, Dong-Guk Univ.
Jun. 1998
Exported to Japan.
Dec. 1999
Exported to USA.
Apr. 2000
Exported to France and Malaysia
Jun. 2000
Exported to Bangladeshi, Canada and Vietnam
Aug. 2000
Established KOREAN GINSENG RESEARCH(M) SDN. BHD. in Malaysia
Dec. 2001
Exported to Italy
Oct. 2002
Opened Seoul office(Overseas sales department)
Jan. 2003
Cooperation between academy & industry, Chungang Univ.
Jun. 2003
Obtained certification from JHFA(Japan Health Food Authorization)
Aug. 2003
Appointed as a prospective SME, Gyeonggi Province
Dec. 2003
Exported to Portugal and Ecuador
Jun. 2004
Obtained permission for manufacturing of Health functional food
Aug. 2004
Obtained certification of ISO 9001:2000
Nov. 2004
Exported to El Salvador and Hong Kong
Jul. 2005
Exported to Philippines and Saudi Arabia
Dec. 2005
Approved quality of Korean Ginseng/Red ginseng extract by USA FDA
Mar. 2006
Cooperation between academy & industry, Korea Univ.
Apr. 2007
Exported to Yemen, Taiwan and Singapore
Apr. 2008
Registered FCE/SID with USA FDA
Jun. 2008
Appointed as a prospective SME exporter by SMBA
Sep. 2008
Exported to England, Botswana and Myanmar
Mar. 2009
Selected in the project for export promotion ‘500-500’ by SMBA
Apr. 2009
Approved R & D section by the Korea Industrial Technology Association
May. 2009
Cooperation between academy & industry, Semyeong Univ.
Jul. 2009
Obtained certification of IIC GMP & HACCP
Sep. 2009
Cooperation between academy & industry. / Kyungdong Univ.
Mar. 2010
Established corporate R&D center
Mar. 2010
Obtained ‘G-mark’, governor certificate of Gyeonggi province
Jul. 2010
Constructed Yongmun factory in Yangpyeong
Nov. 2010
Registered as GMP factory with Korean FDA
Sep. 2012
1st Health Functional Food registration of Black-ginseng by KFDA
May. 2013
Opened a display exhibition hall 'Korean Ginseng Academy'
May. 2016
Selected as Export strategy technology development project
Dec. 2016
Obtained Halal certificate
Jun. 2018
Selected as Chairman – WS Shin & CEO OH Roh
Dec. 2018
Obtained ‘FSSC 22000’ by SGS
Nov. 2019
Appointed ‘Social Enterprise’
Apr. 2021
Changed company name to KG Lab Co., Ltd.
Currently exporting to about 30 countries including Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa.
Nov. 1999
Awarded the Prime Minister prize(Gold medal) at ‘99 AGRO FOOD’
Oct. 2000
Selected as ‘Traditional Food’ for the 2002 WORLD CUP
Nov. 2001
honored with an award from the Minister of Agriculture & Forestry
Dec. 2001
Selected as Hit Product by Gyeong-In Daily.
Mar. 2002
Selected as “Representative Traditional Food of Gyeonggi Province”
(Red Ginseng Extract)
May. 2003
Selected as “Representative Traditional Food of Gyeonggi Province”
(Honeyed Red Ginseng Slice)
Oct. 2004
Received the Special Selection Award in “Korea Outstanding Souvenir Contest”
Nov. 2004
Awarded Export Prize from the President at the 41st Annual Trade Day
Honored with an award for export from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
May 2005
Awarded Bronze medal in “Korea Traditional Food Best 5 Contest”
Feb. 2007
Awarded “the 8th Agro Food Export Prize” from Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
Nov. 2007
Awarded “Agricultural Products Export Prize” from Gyeonggi governor
Jul. 2009
Selected as Hit Product of functional healthful food by Gyeong-In Daily
Nov. 2009
honored with an award for Agricultures-Fishers export from the Gyeonggi governor
2010~   2020
Awarded citation for export expansion of agrifood from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Dec. 2014
Awarded Export Prize from the President at the 51st Annual Trade Day
Feb. 2016
Selected as K-RIBBON by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism
Dec. 2016
Jan. 2019
Selected as Excellent enterprise for job creation
Gold medal “Korea Traditional Food” from Minister of Agriculture and Forestry             
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