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Korean Taekuk Ginseng Roots

Taegeuksam is a dried ginseng root after parboiling fresh ginseng at 80-90 degrees for about 10-20minutes. It is in the intermediate state between red ginseng and white ginseng. The surface of Taegeuksam is tinged with yellowish brown while the cut surface is a little darker. Like red ginseng, the active ingredients of Taegeuksam including saponin are turned to be in a better state to be absorbed into the body after a heating process which also ensures a long-term storage.

■ Index component of Taegeuk ginseng: Ginsenoside Rb1, Rg1, Rh1, Rh2, Rg2, Rg3
■ Efficacy of Taegeuk Ginseng: Improves immunity, helps to relieve fatigue.
Ginseng roots
Korean Taekuk ginseng 100%
Packaging Unit
300g(20roots, 6years old)
Packaging Material
Packing Material : Inner box(wood), Outer box(tin-can)
Intake guide
For daily efforts to improve health
long-term intake: 12–20 g of Taeguek ginseng
short-term intake: 50–60 g of Taeguek ginseng
In a boiling pot, boil down the indicated amount of Taeguek ginseng in 0.9 L of water, along with three pieces of jujube and 3 g of ginger, for 2 hr. When the water is reduced to one-third, squeeze out the contents using a cloth. Taeguek ginseng can be boiled down up to three times.
Extract Taeguek ginseng for two to three times a day.
For children, adjust the amount of dosage according to their age.
Take an individual’s age, gender, physical constitution, and disease/condition into consideration when deciding the amount of intake of Taeguek ginseng. When taken with other medicinal herbs, follow the directions of an oriental medical doctor. A better effect is expected when it is regularly taken for a long term.
Storage guide
Store in a dry and cool place without direct rays of the sun. In case of unopened product, it is can be stored at room temperature up to ten years. After opening, cover tightly and store in a cool place.
Shelf Life
10 years after manufacturing date
This product is a health functional food that helps blood flow through immunity enhancement, fatigue recovery, and platelet aggregation inhibition. It is not a drug for preventing or treating diseases.
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