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Lutein Astaxanthine For Eye Health

'Lutein is a component of the macula that is responsible for the central vision of the eye retina, and is an important substance that protects the eye from external strong light and harmful factors that irritate the eyeball. It is an important ingredient that must be supplemented from the outside because it is not synthesized naturally in our body as a kind of rich vegetable pigment in vegetables. KFDA recognizes the functions of this product as a Health Functional Food as follows. [Lutein] Can help eye health by maintaining macular pigment density, which can be reduced due to aging. [Astaxanthin] May help improve eye fatigue [Vitamin A] Necessary for visual adaptation in dark places / Necessary for forming and maintaining the function of skin and mucous membranes / Necessary for the growth and development of epithelial cells [Vitamin B1] Necessary for carbohydrate and energy metabolism [Vitamin B2] Necessary for energy production in the body [Vitamin D] Necessary for calcium and phosphorus to be absorbed and used / Necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones / Helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis [Vitamin E] It acts as an antioxidant and is necessary to protect cells from free radicals [Selenium] Necessary to protect cells from free radicals
Health Functional Food
Hematococcus(Astaxanthin), Dried yeast(Selenium), Marigold flower extract(Lutein), D-α-Tocopherol, Vitamin A Mix, Vitamin B1 HCL, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D3 Mix, Vitamin C, Blueberry concentrate powder, Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin B6 HCL, Folic acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, etc
Packaging Unit
500mg x 30 capsules(6caps x 5blisters) / paper box
Packaging Material
Blister pack(Front side: PVC, Back side: PE Laminated Al foil)
Intake guide
1 capsule each time, once a day with plenty of water
Storage guide
Store in a dry and cool place without direct rays of the sun. * Capsule shell is made of gelatin and can be disintegrated if storage temperature is over 30°C.
Shelf Life
24 months after manufacturing date
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